The Blame Log: Running Edition

8/1/11:  Registered for the Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon
To Blame?  Goody bag with 50% off coupon.  A half marathon for $35!

6/25/11:  Booked a Climbing Lesson at Yosemite.
To Blame:  One conversation with a fellow chaperone on our UC Merced field trip.

6/16/11:  Calf Strain
To Blame:  My inability to rest.  Stupidity.

5/14/11:  Feeling Temporarily Weak and Powerless
To Blame:  Nike Training Club iPhone App and its DIFFICULT Beginner Workout.

5/11/11:  Feeling self-conscious about my body
To Blame?  Stupid Marathonfoto and photographers who photograph downhill running.  Not pretty!

5/5/11:  Registered for the San Francisco Marathon's First Half Marathon
To Blame?  Stupid Goody Bag with It's Discount Code.  Now I have to train.