29 April 2012


I just surpassed 4,000 logged miles to date.

I should feel a sense of accomplishment for this, but I don't.  It isn't like I set out to cover 4,000 miles on foot.  That wasn't the goal.  Running 4,000 miles happened in chasing down other goals:  finish a half-marathon, PR in the half-marathon, PR again in the half-marathon, PR again in the half-marathon, run more intervals and tempo runs, finish a marathon, PR in the marathon, race a 10K and then PR in the 10K, PR in the half-marathon, etc.  Notice how the PR chase is neverending. I can always run faster, can't I?

So, raise your Gu or your Gatorade or your beer or whatever and let's toast the fact that in chasing down other goals, I've run 4,000 miles.


Next goal:  Race my first ever 5K.  Yes.  I do stuff backwards.

28 April 2012

Running > Other Athletic Endeavors

I'm thisclose to an amazing rant about kids and organized sports.  I'm trying to behave.  Therefore, this will be brief and written in the positive.

Running is better than all the other sports because not only is it open to everyone, but also the last guy across the finish line is supported and applauded and respected just as much (if not more) than the winner.

13 April 2012

Friday Faves: Lucky Friday the 13th Edition

I'm getting older.

I like how we cope with aging with yearly celebrations complete with gifts.

Four weeks ago, I saw this fortune cookie pinned to Pinterest.  I immediately repinned and following the link to an Etsy store:  Christina Kober.  I told my husband about it, and he came up with the fortune pictured above for my birthday gift.

Isn't it perfect?  And gorgeous?  Aren't I a lucky woman?

So fitting for a runner.  Ridiculously fitting for a runner like me.  Surprisingly applicable to more than running.

I may be getting older, but I am also getting wiser.

I may also be more affable and charismatic in my advancing age.  Observe:  A student made me cupcakes!

Mother Nature didn't neglect my birthday either.  She was a little late with the delivery, but she delivered some one "hail" of a storm.   

Hail yeah!  Even with the storm damage, it was another great week.

10 April 2012

Searching for a Pocket of Silence

The wall of sound that comes from my son.

I am an introvert.  And as I age, I seek pockets of silence more intensely.  I'm starting to believe that I need the quiet.

I didn't run today.

Full day at work (lots of noise there) followed by dashing the kid to karate (bad techno, kids making that karate noise), taking the husband to the dealership to pick up his Vespa (husband and son take turns talking and questioning while I drive), making dinner (drive-thru and therefore the quietest moment of my day), and forcing the child to do homework (loud and combative.)    

I paid attention to everything that my son said.  "Hey Mama" preceded every question and complaint.  "Hey Mama...hey Mama...HEY Ma-mA! heymamaheymama!"

I love my extroverted son.

But I need moments of silence.

Today I needed a run.

Moral:  Schedule rest days wisely in the future.

09 April 2012

Venn Diagrammed

I've always argued that running has made me a better driver.  Now I can argue that running prepared me for riding.  There's lot of overlap between the world of scooters and the world of training for road races.  

Now if I could only get those motorists who are perpetually distracted (squirrel!) and the motorists who believe that stop signs don't apply on a Sunday morning onto a scooter or onto a marathon training plan, the roads would be a much safer place.  

06 April 2012

Friday Faves: Thankful for Spring Break Edition

This has been a very needed week of rest and rejuvenation.  In addition to celebrating my eleventh wedding anniversary with a proper date, I've read books and watched movies and played words games for smart people and laughed with the kid.  

Nice weather means that I am putting on the Vibrams more often.  I forgot how much I love these ugly looking shoes.  Here they are at the tennis courts.  My son is going to try to be the next big tennis player.  I tried to think of a name of a famous male tennis player and all I have is John McEnroe and Andre Agassi.  Clearly, this ages me.

Bird on a wire during my Wednesday run.  I'm trying to run to maintain my fitness.  In mid-May, I will start on like six months of training.  I'm trying to take it easy for now because I won't be taking it easy come training season.  So I have these lovely run with no purpose other than to maintain my fitness and allow me to eat more calories.  I happened to have my phone with me so that I could listen to podcasts on Stitcher.  I snapseeded the heck out of it and a drab picture suddenly looks as if I could sell it canvased on Etsy for $25.  

And it REI dividend time!  I know that you are curious as to what I would spend my dividend on! The answer:  

Socks!  I love Injinji.  I don't understand people who don't understand Injinji.  Also COMPRESSION socks!  Squeezy.

And another pair of overpriced but amazing Chaco flips.