29 April 2012


I just surpassed 4,000 logged miles to date.

I should feel a sense of accomplishment for this, but I don't.  It isn't like I set out to cover 4,000 miles on foot.  That wasn't the goal.  Running 4,000 miles happened in chasing down other goals:  finish a half-marathon, PR in the half-marathon, PR again in the half-marathon, PR again in the half-marathon, run more intervals and tempo runs, finish a marathon, PR in the marathon, race a 10K and then PR in the 10K, PR in the half-marathon, etc.  Notice how the PR chase is neverending. I can always run faster, can't I?

So, raise your Gu or your Gatorade or your beer or whatever and let's toast the fact that in chasing down other goals, I've run 4,000 miles.


Next goal:  Race my first ever 5K.  Yes.  I do stuff backwards.

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