13 April 2012

Friday Faves: Lucky Friday the 13th Edition

I'm getting older.

I like how we cope with aging with yearly celebrations complete with gifts.

Four weeks ago, I saw this fortune cookie pinned to Pinterest.  I immediately repinned and following the link to an Etsy store:  Christina Kober.  I told my husband about it, and he came up with the fortune pictured above for my birthday gift.

Isn't it perfect?  And gorgeous?  Aren't I a lucky woman?

So fitting for a runner.  Ridiculously fitting for a runner like me.  Surprisingly applicable to more than running.

I may be getting older, but I am also getting wiser.

I may also be more affable and charismatic in my advancing age.  Observe:  A student made me cupcakes!

Mother Nature didn't neglect my birthday either.  She was a little late with the delivery, but she delivered some one "hail" of a storm.   

Hail yeah!  Even with the storm damage, it was another great week.

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