10 April 2012

Searching for a Pocket of Silence

The wall of sound that comes from my son.

I am an introvert.  And as I age, I seek pockets of silence more intensely.  I'm starting to believe that I need the quiet.

I didn't run today.

Full day at work (lots of noise there) followed by dashing the kid to karate (bad techno, kids making that karate noise), taking the husband to the dealership to pick up his Vespa (husband and son take turns talking and questioning while I drive), making dinner (drive-thru and therefore the quietest moment of my day), and forcing the child to do homework (loud and combative.)    

I paid attention to everything that my son said.  "Hey Mama" preceded every question and complaint.  "Hey Mama...hey Mama...HEY Ma-mA! heymamaheymama!"

I love my extroverted son.

But I need moments of silence.

Today I needed a run.

Moral:  Schedule rest days wisely in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Imagine having two of them :)

    My favorite moment yesterday was my 14 year old coming home at 4pm and saying, "Hey Mom, I'm hungry...can you make me some LUNCH?" Um. No. I did not just wait for you to come home so I could make you lunch 4 hours late :)