29 July 2011

Homemade Arm Warmer Time!

If I am cutting up a perfectly decent pair of over-the-knee socks, it must be race time. Last time, I chose a pink, purple, gray, and black striped pair. This year I opted for the more classic argyle.

Sunday morning around 6:12 am, I'll cross the start line of my fifth half-marathon; my second in San Francisco. I'm downright giddy about running the Golden Gate. I guess I like bridges.

I should have goals for this race, but I just don't. I always intended for this half to be a way to keep me in training through the summer months.

Quickly set goals:

A: Sub 2:15
B: Sub 2:17:xx
C: Sub 2:27:xx
D: Have fun!
E: Don't get hurt!


I want to believe that I have a 2:15 in me, but I'm not sure with the hills. I did ZERO hill training this cycle. Not one bit! Oopsy! But the weather will be cool and there will be many people there, so who knows.

I hope the Marathonfoto gods are kind.

1 comment:

  1. Out and back on the bridge. Ran it last year. Your shoulders may hurt on Monday...lotta up and down!!

    I was pacing a friend, but she couldn't make it up here from LA [sad face]

    Have a great time!