18 June 2012

Running Milestones of a Different Sort

What?  There was a clearance and a discount code for the clearance!  And free shipping.
Don't judge.
I cannot believe that three boxes of brand new Nikes were delivered to my front doorstep.  I mean I was there when I made the online order.  I distinctly remember doing it.  But the CONCEPT of three pairs of Nikes is a little nebulous; three actual orange boxes on my porch makes it real.


Stuff got real.

I also got my very first sports massage.


Stuff got more real.

The massage therapist told me that I needed to start stretching.  I believed her after all the knots she had to work out in my legs.  She, of course, commented on my extremely tight IT band.

I really need to be a grown up and use my foam roller.

I guess I am a real runner now.  Or still.  Or more so.  Or something.

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