30 May 2011

End of Weekend Wrap Up

Thanks to the three-day weekend and the fact that I have mere hours left on my contract for this year, I had a lot of free time this weekend to read.

I finally finished Game of Thrones (oddest conclusion to a novel eva!). Before moving on to Clash of Kings (which I have. See pic below), I needed a little escape from Martin's gritty fantasy realm. I needed a dose of reality. I turned to non-fiction and picked up Marshall Ulrich's Running on Empty. This was probably one of the best running books that I've read. And since I am in a listing mood:

  1. It was truly a love letter to his wife and his crew. It was a testament to the fact that independence isn't wise; that wisdom is in a team.
  2. It shed light on why the documentary Running America featured such a lame narrative. I'm looking at you, Charlie Engle.
  3. It revealed a powerful narrative of his journey running across America.
I actually went to his Facebook page, "liked" him and wrote his a comment of appreciation along the lines that his narrative would have greatly improved the documentary. He wrote back with a thanks. Then he sent me a message. Marshall Ulrich sent me a message! He sent me a message about my profile pic teasing me for calling the guy behind me old.

79 is old! That guy is 79. I ran the marathon faster than him, but not by much. I told Marshall that I hope that I am still out there at 79. And I do.

After that jaunt into reality, I am back to George R.R. Martin and Book 2 of Song and Ice Saga/Series Whatever it is. Good grief. Dragons are involved.

When I wasn't reading, I was running. I ran every single day this weekend. This delights me. This also impresses me.

Equally if not more impressive is that fact that I seem to be devoted to core work as evidenced by the fact that I did the whole INFERNAL Ab Buster routine from Nike Training Club. And for some odd reason, I looked up the 100 push up training plan, printed it out and completed Week 1, Day 1 (doing girl push ups--I am so weak).

What is happening to me?

I also kicked around in these all day. I love feeling barefoot. I ran .4 mile in my other pair. My calves said "Thanks. Thanks. A lot."

It felt like the beginning of summer today. This summer will mean a lot of reading, writing, running, and eating.

I can't wait for the end of my contract!

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