09 May 2011

Misc: Fuel, Women Carrying Hoes, and Surprising and Patriotic Poms Poms

My husband enjoys cooking and baking; I enjoy running.

He's lucky I run enough to enjoy his creations.

Case in point: Yesterday's Mother's Day Brunch Item To Die For Eggs Benedict.

I had two. I can't even begin to guesstimate how many miles are in Eggs Benedict. That sentence reveals quite a bit about how I see food. I see miles in the food. I wish that Nutrition Facts featured this information. I know that caloric content is featured, but to most people a calorie is an abstract concept. If people knew that the frosty treat that they are enjoying from Sonic was worth ten miles, I think they might think twice about grabbing that spoon. That's much more concrete.

Women Carrying Hoes
It was one of those days at work; I am tempted to qualify it through metaphor, but I've decided to leave work at work and out of this blog.

I was looking forward to a quick little run tonight. First run of SF half training! I wanted time to process all the absurdities of the day. About two and half miles into my run, I see the absurd. A woman walking down a major thoroughfare carrying a garden hoe and a black garbage bag of who knows what.

I've never seen a woman walking carrying a garden hoe. It just seemed so out of place! It delighted me!

Surprising and Patriotic Pom Poms
This is what greeted me when I arrived home from my run. It was just louder and with more movement!

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  1. i blog in lower case, overuse ellipses, and start sentences with and, but and because.

    my little nod to leaving work at work too.

    those eggs look yummy!