09 June 2011

Sturm und drang

My right hip is not behaving properly.

This concerns me more than a little bit.

It started hurting yesterday. Just a slight twinge of discomfort. Then today when I got out of the car to walk, I noticed that my right hip popped with every stride.

Now I am overly concerned with every movement, every twinge of discomfort, every pop and tweak. My mind is powerful. I am imaginative. Clearly, I believe my running "career" is over.

I need to get off the internet before I diagnose myself with something crazy. Fortunately, I'm already headed to the doc on Monday. Let's hope that the pain disappears soon.

And my training was actually going quite well. Figures.

Edited 10 June 2011 @ 9:34 am. The hip isn't snapping this morning, but I still sense the slight discomfort. Wondering if my mind is playing tricks on me. Somedays I hate my powerful brain.

1 comment:

  1. I am mostly concerned that you started a tag for it. I hope you never use it again! I had a similar experience after Zumba once and I thought my exercise career was over... turned out it was just a temporary thing which we can assume for you. You might need a hip replacement in your 70s but highly unlikely before then.