28 September 2011



Under the Larabars, Honey Stingers. 

Under the Honey Stingers, Gu in Vanilla, Triberry, and Jet Blackberry. 

I think I have enough to get through the monster six week stretch of super marathon training in October/November.  

I'm not sure that I am ready for all the mileage that this box suggests.  I'm really quite tired.  I've been training fairly nonstop since Jan. 10.  I think I took only one week off after my marathon in May.  I still have like 9.5 weeks to go.  Typing 9.5 weeks makes it seem surmountable; I know that it is, but I am just so very tired.  I think I need to take an extra rest day soon.  

The fact that I will end up consuming all that disgusts me and impresses me simultaneously. 

In fact, It doesn't feel sane to choose to train for and run a marathon.  People are always impressed by the actual marathon. The marathon is a piece of cake compared with the 18 weeks of training.  

Did I mention I'm tired of training?  

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  1. I'm beginning to understand what you mean about how the training is almost more impressive than the race. It's exhausting!