18 September 2011


It seems that I am hungry all of the time.

That sentence appears to be an example of hyperbole, and I suppose technically it is.  But the exaggeration is ever so slight.

I hit a weekly mileage personal record (Yes.  I count personal records whenever I can.) this week.  I'm going to hit a monthly mileage personal record this month.  And I've already hit the yearly mileage personal record.

I'm trying to count calories, not to lose weight, but rather to prevent weight gain.  So far, I am maintaining my weight, but I attribute this to my desire to think through the food.

I heard someone use the phrase "think through the drink."  I believe this is an AA thing.  I'm not an overeater. I'm not anonymous.  I don't have food issues, but I have an appetite that is totally out of control.    I have to think through the food I eat.  Sometimes it means pausing to make sure that the hunger is still there twenty minutes later when I believe that I want/need more food.

I burned about 1500 calories this morning.

I've consumed 1720 calories so far for breakfast and lunch. That is a ridiculous amount of food, right?  That is more food than I should have for an entire day if I didn't exercise  And I'm still hungry.  Because I'm netting only 220 calories for the day so far.

I wonder what will happen after my marathon in December.  I'm going to gain so much weight.  Holiday food, no marathon training, bad eating habits developed from marathon training.

I'm screwed.

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  1. I have the same problem of an appetite. Except I don't run. I am considering it and renaming my blog "runs4dairy" because I really love anything with milk in it (except milk, weird).

    You are inspiring and I don't think you are screwed. 1500 calories burned? That is crazy. Crazy.

    Zumba only gets me 500, maybe I should double up.