26 November 2011

Things I May Have Lied to Myself About

Marathons in 2012.

I told myself.  I told my husband.  I was firm.  I was resolute.  No marathons in 2012.  I wanted a more relaxing year.

It is eight days before CIM.  I'm in the middle of a taper.  I only had to run three miles today.  It felt odd to only be out for three miles.  Why even bother getting laced up and stuff?

I'm planning on at least three half marathons in 2012:  Oakland, SF, and Big Sur.  That should be enough to keep me running and sane.

But it doesn't feel like enough.  After all these weeks of training (like 30!), I don't know how I can go back to NOT training.  But I suppose I can.

I'm flirting with a registering for a very pricey but very scenic 21 miler.  I ran it in 2010.  I could come back and try to beat my time.  And since 21 miles does not equal a marathon, I will be keeping my word.  What to do!  What to do?


  1. I am not sure the implications for you running a marathon but here is my general decision-making matrix:

    Do I want to do it? Yes. Do I have time for it? Yes. Do it!

    Do I want to do it? Yes. Do I have time for it? No. Can I afford to do it? No. Do it!

    Do I want to do it? No. Don't do it.

    See how easy it is?

  2. Please listen carefully to what I am about to say. It is NEVER wise to make long-term running decisions that involve a lot of money and/or time commitment during the week before or week after a marathon (especially your first!). You are functioning and you seem normal but you are NOT normal. Just trust me.

    I know, I know...I have already mapped out a schedule for next year but I have not signed up for or committed to any of these events yet. It's impossible to know certain things until you are "there." And right now you are "here."

    If it is a matter of registering before an event closes, then register. But don't register because you want to set a PR there. Register because you will enjoy running that event, even if you are not in PR shape when the time comes around.

    And as far as "not training goes"...who says you have to run any less next year? You can continue to do the same amount of training even if it is not for a specific event. As of now, I do not plan on running a marathon in 2012 either (though that may change). But I do plan on averaging more miles/week next year any way, because I like to run.

    I can't wait to see the manic thought process next week when you go from the high of completing your first marathon (which I know you will do) to the questioning of your sanity when you can't walk right for a few days to the thought of wanting to go through it all again because you feel that "next time" everything will be that much better. :)

  3. I kind of already completed my first marathon. Months ago. :)