30 December 2011

End of the Year

I don't recall setting goals and resolutions this time last year.  I had clearly registered for the Big Sur International Marathon.  The goal of finishing accompanies something like that.

This year I ran two half marathons and, much to my surprise, two marathons.

In training I tried programs that scared me.  I'm glad that I did.  Once again, I showed myself that I can do things that appear near impossible.

I did not PR in my half marathons, but I did not hit personal worsts either.  I, however, did better at SF 2011 than I did at Nike Women's Half in 2010.  And SF was hillier!  While not a technical PR, I'm glad that I performed as I did.  At the Big Sur Half, I ran my second faster time ever there having had to hold back for CIM.

I did PR at CIM, improving my Big Sur International Marathon time by 26:24.  That felt amazing.

I logged, as of this morning, 1149 miles for the year.  I'm proud of the rest and recovery that I have enjoyed this December.  I feel like a proper runner obeying the gods of rest and recovery.

It was a good year for me.

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