01 January 2012

Rio Grill Resolution Run--Carmel-by-the-Sea

I checked the weather yesterday.  The forecast was amazing; therefore, I registered for the Rio Grill Resolution Run in Carmel for today.  I opted for the 10K rather than the 5K because the 10K course featured ocean views.

This was my first 10K race.  Overall it was a positive experience despite my lingering cold, lack of running fitness (RECOVERY!) and the dreaded hills.   The weather was amazing.  Maybe a bit too warm.  It felt like spring.

As a resolution run, there were many walkers out on the course.  I do wish the organizers would have better corralled the participants--especially considering the bottlenecking that occurred during the trail uphill portion of the race.  Oh well.  It was a resolution run.  No harm.  Happy that many went out for a walk or run when many Americans do not do a darn thing.

Did not expect the half mile major hill at the beginning of the race.  My Timex data says that it is a 5.4% grade.  Honesty check:  I don't know what that means really.  Quite abstract bit of data.  This darn cold and the high number of participants on that uphill trail meant that I wasn't going to make any good time on that section.  I didn't fight against the universe and went with flow.

I ran the rest of the course the best I could.  I could feel that my lungs weren't 100% with my cough.  Ran across finish as it read 1:07:30.  Chip time was 1:07:00.  Hey!  No messy seconds holding on!  Cool.  I just realized that since this is my first 10K, it means AUTOMATIC PR!

I'll have to do much better next time--which may be in February.  This next one won't have hills.  Or decent views.

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  1. 10ks are the holy grail. Can't run 'em like a half marathon, can't run balls to the wall like a 5k.

    5% grade hill: How high the climb is in ft divided by the distance climbed in ft. Multiply the answer by 100.

    You're welcome :)

    Happy New Year Tara!