20 January 2012

Friday Faves

I need to focus on the good and delightful more often.  So each Friday,  I will sum up the best of the week.  

Tuesday was freezing.  Twenty-three whopping degrees when I took this picture.  I tucked my hair into my coat's collar which I had to put up in order to stave off the uncontrollable shivers.  Yay for cold days that let me bust out my coat.  This is the first time that I've worn a coat in ages.  

I'm on this quest to figure out how to tame my hair.  Somehow I did something different or the weather was just right so that my waves cascaded in this amazing way.  I had to take a picture because my natural hair NEVER.  LOOKS.  THIS.  GOOD. 

I had an unexpected excursion into an area where SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Check out how fortuitous my sock choice was that day.  All of the other karate moms were probably so jealous.  Injinji's are superior for running, but when you are not amongst runners, cute socks are better.  

The bestest, most favoritest moment of the week?  The little man passing his karate test and getting his first belt.  He also earned the Most Improved Award.  It's about time.  The poor kid needed some uplifting moments.  And this one, he earned!  

Oh hey!  Is that a meal?  Yes.  And I made it.  I don't make anything.  Ever.  I am quite clumsy in the kitchen.  I never really liked cooking.  But Pinterest is changing my attitude towards food.  This is called a Baked Egg Boats.  It involves some of my favorite things:  bread, eggs, and cheese.  

All in all, a solid week.  My husband had stellar Friday as well.  A haircut and a motorcycle license in ONE DAY!  

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