22 January 2012

2012: The Plan

  • 10K in January:  Done!
  • 10K in February:  Need to register.  Will bring the Boy along for the Kid 1K. 
  • 13.1 in March:  Registered since forever.  My $35 Half! Training right now. 
  • 13.1 in July:  SF again!  Going for my Half it All Challenge Medal!  
  • 13.1 in November:  Haven't decided which half I'll tackle in November, but I want to do one. 
  • 26.2 in December:  Going to register as soon as registration opens.  I heart CIM.  
Goals:  10KPR in February.  13.1 PR either in March or July.  I'll have to look at course elevation profiles.  26.2 PR in December (fingers crossed).  

^That's ambitious.  

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