27 January 2012

Friday Faves

I'm heading out of town early tomorrow morning for business.  I'm procrastinating and delaying the pain of packing.  I've been inspired by Graham Hill's TED Talk called "Less Stuff, More Happiness."  I'm determined to pack as minimally as possible.

I was forced to play with Play-Doh this week.  Forced!  Worse--I was observed playing.  So I opted to be as twisted as possible. 

I made this!  It's a beauty.  Croque-Madam.  A poached egg makes everything more amazing.  Gruyere is worth the extra money.  Oh my, is it!

My new arm warmers came in the mail.  Lovely things.  Completely lightweight and orange.  

Now if only, I could get that orange Vespa, I've been desiring.  What an orange dream that would be!

I really hope that my whirlwind conference down in SoCal will inspire me and give me new faves to share.  

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