04 February 2012

Friday Faves Delayed: Saturday Edition

Things that are decidedly not part of my favorite things:  migraines on a Friday.  Two in one week.  Fortunately for me there was some things that balances it all out.

As a stipend of sorts for my work and participation in a state something something something leadership something something, I received an iPad2.  I feel like I'm living the better version of the Jetsons.  I have an iPad for work, but I never really figured out how to use it properly.  It wasn't until the state something something something leadership something something and talking with others that I realized all the options that this opens up for me.  Evernote is going allow me to go paperless.  This excites me.  Flipboard is going to help me keep up on my internet reading/consumption.  And the ultimate, Penultimate is allowing me to sketch and later insert Stick Man versions of the Odyssey for my students.  Penultimate in conjunction with Genius Scan allows me to make newspaper blackout poetry.  This is from The Hunger Games.

I'm quite the poet.

My husband made avocado egg rolls this week.  Earlier he make a vegetable tempura that was to die for.  I'm so lucky.

But my favorite moment from the week, was realized that my orange dream in coming true.  I'm picking up the Vespa tomorrow.  It feels amazing to cross things off of your dream list.  Amazing.

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  1. Where is the vespa? I saw a picture of the word, but not the actual machine.

    I too love penultimate.