17 February 2012

Friday Faves--The Weekend Arrived at a Snail's Pace Edition

It seemed like the longest week ever for no discernible reason.  The promise and perceived future ecstasy that comes from a three-day weekend slowed the week down.

Saturday meant another day hanging with The Writing Project.  I love those people.  One of my favorites distributed fortune cookies.  Mine delighted me to no end.  I giggled.

Sunday brought a PR.  I have to Instagram it!  I adore Instagram. 

On Valentine's Day my son brought home the best story.  I'll bullet it for posterity.

  • My husband allowed him a small spray of cologne for Valentine's Day. 
  • My son was jumping rope at school.
  • The object of his affection ran in and began jumping rope with him face to face.  
  • My son's male friend grabbed the jump rope and ran.  
  • My son caught up with the rope thief and said, "Why did you have to ruin the moment?"
  • In retelling the story to his father and I, my son said, "She must've been attracted to my scent."
Then the next day, this popped up on his door. 

My kid is the best.  

I've been relaxing on the couch at night watching television.  I've been waking early and getting to work 45 minutes early all week.  This means falling asleep early.  I feel old.  My precious Paul decided that he wanted all eyes on him.  Nathan Fillion looks shocked. 

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