12 February 2012

Honey Bun Run Race Report

I'm not sure if the name of this race is a nod to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.  There were literal honey buns at the finish line.  Little Debbie Honey Buns.

Poor choices in post-race food aside, it was a decent little run with enough volunteers and traffic cones to keep the automobiles away from the runners.  I felt safe the entire run--which is more than I can say for the last race that I ran in Carmel with the old ladies driving between the runners in their metallic sedans.

I haven't looked at my watch data yet.  I can't find online results anywhere.  But my husband took a photo of me crossing the finish line around 59:31.  I'll take it.  Pace calculator says 9:34 pace.  My speed work and tempo runs have been really working.  That's nearly 7:30 faster than my last 10K.

This was meant to be a test at my half-marathon pace.  I honestly felt very good during the race.  I did not feel like I was pushing it too much.  I wonder if I can run the next half marathon at the same pace.  I might have a new A goal.

They also had a 1K for Kids. Adorable.  My kid raced it.  He said his tummy hurt afterward.  I told him that meant he did it right.

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