05 January 2012

Runs for Soufflé

My husband can make these out-of-this-world, joy-inducing, magical Chocolate Gingerbread Soufflés.

Just look at it. 

There is nothing better than this dessert.  It is an experience for nearly all of the senses.  The smell, the texture, the taste, the look.  I took the recipe and figured out how many calories in each serving.  576.  My run today supposedly burned 463.   It was a challenging run.  I didn't want to go out and do it.  I'm still struggling to get back in the swing of training.  

It was worth it for that bit of heaven in a ramekin.  

I think that I need to make a shirt that says Will Run for Soufflé as a counter to the Will Run for Beer shirts.  

I'm so not the person I thought that I would grow up to be!  

1 comment:

  1. "Heaven In A Ramekin" - sounds like the perfect name for Dale's bakery (because he MUST open one)!