07 March 2012

Hey Runner Girl!

No problem, Ryan Gosling. Come on over!
I realize that this blog's title may be a bit of false advertising.  If I were unemployed, I could very feasibly run a workout, come home bake cupcakes, photograph the cupcakes, and finally eat the cupcakes without guilt because of the amazing workout that started the day.

Alas.  I'm employed.  

And alas, there are many more miles in my life than there are cupcakes.  I think if I ate cupcakes to replace all my burned calories from running, I'd grow to hate cupcakes quickly.  

But today I am having cake. Lemon Cake!  Wait!  I think it is Lemon Chiffon.  Whatever that means.  I earned it.  Intervals:  4x1600 after a long day of work that followed two longer, more political, more wretched days at work.  

1 comment:

  1. wretched. i'm sorry. at least there is cake!!