04 March 2012

Running Away

I like to mentally file away songs into a hypothetical playlist called "Music Mentioning Movement." One day I'll make the actual playlist happen.

What generally happens is the iPod shuffle gods throw me songs during a run, and I listen closely to the lyrics.  I struggle to hear lyrics in music.  When I try to explain this affliction (first world problems™) to others, they think I'm crazy.  I may be.  All I know is that I find it incredibly difficult to focus on what a song is saying.  I sort of hear music like I might view modern art.

Let's allow Steve Martin a chance to show you what I mean.

But sometimes when I run or when I am focusing, I can see the lyrics.

I was listening to Crosby, Stills, & Nash as I am wont to do when the weather turns perfect.  I listened to "Southern Cross" and this little running gem presented itself.

"But on a midnight watch, I realized why twice you ran away."  

I thought about it.

Running away gets a bad rap.  It is occasionally equated with quitting.  To this, I say HOGWASH!

Sometimes I thank god that I had to courage to run away from certain bad elements, be they people, places, or situations.

I'm actually quite good at saying, "This is preposterous.  I'm out!" It never earns me any sort of points for being nice or sweet.  I'm not popular.  I won't win any awards.  But running away from the bad or even the mildly bad is good for everyone.

And I believe that I am much happier than nicer, more tolerant people.

So here's to running away!

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